FREE ONLINE SUMMIT 23rd-28th March


*You’re invited to join our community for a free 5-day online summit
with nine senior Plum Village teachers, hosted by the Thich Nhat Hanh
Foundation in partnership with Lion’s Roar.*

We hope this message finds you safe and well during this time of
uncertainty. Knowing you are there, as a member of our beloved
community, fills us with true happiness.

And we want to be there for you as well. If you can’t come to Plum
Village, Plum Village will come to you. To help you stay grounded as our
lives and communities reorganize. We hope to give you a renewed sense of
ease, so that in the midst of uncertainty, you will have a gentle smile
on your face, and in the midst of isolation, you will remember that we

Thay has touched the hearts of millions with his message of peace,
non-violence, and kindness. From difficult beginnings as a Vietnamese
monk forced into a life of exile, he has been instrumental in making
Buddhism relevant for modern times.

Join us from March 25-29 to experience Thay’s legacy with teachings,
meditations, and practices offered by nine senior Dharma teachers he has
trained directly. Including Sister Chan Duc, Brother Phap Hai, Brother
Phap Dung, Sister Dang Nghiem, Brother Phap Luu, Anh-Huong Nguyen,
Shantum Seth, Larry Ward, and Peggy Rowe-Ward, this summit is a rare
opportunity to connect deeply with the heart and home of our living Plum
Village tradition and community.

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*Day 1: Building a Foundation of Mindfulness*

Explore Thay’s core teachings on mindfulness, meditation, and walking
meditation, supported by guided practices and reflections.

*DAY 2: Understanding our Mind with Buddhist Psychology*

Dive deeper into Thay’s insight into the nature of our minds: How can we
relate best to others? How can we bring mindfulness to our media
consumption? And how can we work with our own strong emotions?

*DAY 3: Embodying the Beloved Community: Relationships and Community

Get transformative insights into relationships and the importance of
community, looking at topics such as the meaning of love, healing the
inner child, and how to connect meaningfully and compassionately with

*DAY 4: Interbeing: Tending to Mother Earth*

How can we take refuge in the Earth, restoring our sense of ourselves as
a part of a bigger picture? Discover concrete strategies to help heal
our alienation from the Earth, nourish our gratitude, and dwell happily
in the present moment.

*DAY 5: For a Future to Be Possible*

How can we remain mindfully engaged with a world that’s in turmoil?
Explore practices and skillful action that can help you bring courage,
kindness, and resilience to the greatest challenges of our time.


As our world shifts, we hope you will join us in continuing to turn to
our practice for refuge. When we take care of ourselves, we can
earnestly say to others, “I am here for you.” Our world needs our
solidity and calmness now more than ever.

With deep bows of gratitude,

The monastics of Plum Village

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