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Online retreat with Plum Village

We encourage interested people to register for the online course from
Plum Village “How to Sit”. This is open for everyone, beginners as well
as experienced practitioners. (Our teacher Eevi would have joined if she
did not have another commitment that weekend.)

If you complete this retreat, or another online retreat with Plum
Village, you can join the Tuesday or Thursday sangha. See the calendar for information regarding the Tuesday sangha meet-up, now on Zoom.

Guided body scan meditation

Chris, with Fanny on harpe, has made a beautiful body scan meditation, perfect for listening at home. Listen to it below.


Meditation meetings online

Experienced meditators (those who have gone through the introductory course) are welcome to join us via Zoom every Tuesday 18-19 for guided meditations and sharing. Send an e-mail if you’d like to join!

How do we practice mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the core of what we’re doing. Our practice is inspired by a Buddhist tradition as it is taught the Zen master Thich Nhat Hahn. We practice being present in the moment – every single moment. What do we do at our meetings? A regular meditation session will include various activities, and the order will vary from group to group and time to time. A regular Tuesday meeting in Oslo could for example look like this:

  • Deep relaxation
    We lie on the floor with blankets to keep warm and comfortable. We are guided through quiet verbal instructions to bring our attention to the body and its presence in the room.
  • Guided meditation
    We find a comfortable seating position (either on a cushion on the floor, a stool or a chair). One person in the group gives easy instructions to guide us in the meditation. The aim is to focus our attention at the moment, and to be present here and now.
  • Walking meditation
    We meditate by walking quietly and directing our attention towards the contact between the foot and the floor.
  • Silent meditation
    We sit together and meditate in silence.
  • Tea and conversation

Each of these items may last between 15 to 30 minutes. The complete session typically lasts for a bit more than two hours.

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