Oslo & Akershus

In Oslo and Akershus there are five meditation groups, two in Oslo and three in Akershus.


The Sangha of Floating Clouds, Grønland

The Sangha of Floating Clouds (the large Oslo group) has two regular meeting times, in the same place.

Evening Group
The group meets once a week for deep relaxation, meditation and sharing about their own practice (Dharma sharing). The Tuesdays closest to full moon we read ethical exercises (five Mindfulness Trainings) together.

We meet Tuesdays at 18:30-20:45 at Rinzai zensenter in Grønlandsleiret 31 (next to the paint store), between ground floor and 1st floor.

New participants are welcome to introductory sessions once a month.
See homepage to find out about the dates with introductory sessions.

Morning Group (in Norwegian)
This group meets every second Thursday at 9:30-11:30.
See the Norwegian page for more details.

The quiet corner, University of Oslo (Blindern)

We meet for half an hour silent meditation on Monday and Thursday mornings (8.15 am)  in the Frederikke building, the room under the stairs (“rom for tro og tanke”). Click here for more information.
Contact: Elisabeth, e-mail: elisa.stille@gmail.com

Contacts for Oslo

Guidance on practice: Dharmacarya Eevi Beck, phone: 2192 0408

About the evening group: Eevi Beck, phone: 2192 0408, e-mail: eevi [at] online.no

About the morning group: Linda Gulbrandsen phone 920 15 730, e-mail: lingul [at] vikenfiber.no

Webmaster: Espen Ore, web@dharmagruppa.no

Treasurer: Espen S. Ore, Nordre Klev 7, 3080 Holmestrand
E-mail: kasserer@dharmagruppa.no
Organisation number: 998090253

Bank account – Fees, payment for retreats etc. are payed to the Dharma group’s bank account 1254.05.03026. Please write what the payment is about. For retreats it will be very helpful if payments are made at least one week before the event starts – unless an earlier date is announced.

Drifting cloud sangha: Fee The sanghas (meditation groups) organise payment in different ways. For Drifting cloud sangha in Oslo we ask for a voluntary fee per semester of between 200 to 500 kroner. No payment on the first time(s) you come.

From time to other we send out an e-mail about our activities. Do you wish to be on the e-mail list? Let us know by sending an e-mail to: post@dharmagruppa.no.


Skogens stillhet sangha, Nesodden

We meet to practice meditation onve per month at 19.30 Oct. 13,  Nov. 10, and Dec. 8. Location: Velhuset at Fjordvangen, Nesodden. Please contact Chris Knill, phone: 9075 2475, e-mail: dharma@knill.no

Våken Stillhet Sangha, Dikemark, Asker

We meet to practice qigong, sitting, walking meditation and conversation.
Guidance and contact: Isabel Ortiz, phone. 975 83 017, email terapifelt@gmail.com


Those who want to practice in vietnamese in the Oslo area, please contact Thoi Lam (see contact information under “Agder” tab, and information on the Kristiansand group).