Contributions to the sangha

It is a pleasure to have the chance to contribute and to receive wholeheartedly. For the mediation groups the greatest contribution is that people attend. And the more regular, the greater the gift is to the community. In addition, some groups ask for a small participation fee. Other contributions are also welcome. To brew the tea before the mediation group or to prepare the mediation room will give joy to others. So if you want to contribute in any way – just let us know!

Financing the Dharma group activity

Traditionally, teaching in the dharma (the teachings of Buddha) have been provided for free from monks and nuns (and some lay people), while lay people have given monks and nuns food as a gift. This still works in many countries today. The thought that each gives what he or she has to give, trusting that this will be good for everybody, is still very valuable. The idea that giving in itselv is a pleasure is something that people in Norway could benefit from embracing.

In the Dharma group the individual sanghas (mediation groups) arounnd the country have different ways to combine tradition with a monetary economy. For instance, the Dharma group receives a government grant in proportion to the grant per member of the Norwegian church. This is based on the number of members in the Norwegian Buddhist Association (Buddistforbundet) who pertain to the Dharma group. In part owing to this grant, we are able to maintain low fees for retreats. The fact that our teachers do not receive payment is another contribution to the low fees. Participants to retreats are however encouraged to give monetary gifts to the teachers.

If someone who is not a member of another religious community want to join the Nowegian Buddhist Association associated with the Dharma group this is very welcome! (Info on how to join is found at the Buddhist Association webpage for membership.)

Bank account

Fees, payment for retreats etc. are payed to the Dharma group’s bank account 1254.05.03026. Please write what the payment is about 🙂 For retreats it will be very helpful if payments are made at least one week befor the event starts – unless an earlier date is announced.

Drifting cloud sangha: Fee

The sanghas (meditation groups) organise payment in different ways. For Drifting cloud sangha (the main group in Oslo) we ask for fees when you have participated for a while and want to contribute financially as well. Drifting Clouds sangha have a fee per semester of between 200 to 500 kroner: choose yourself. If paying to the Dharma group’s bank account – be sure to write “fee” on payment. No payment on the first time(s) you come.